14 March, 2016

Pilgrym sketch, the forgotten Oak

I showed this on IRON SLEET about a month back, so I thought I ought to show it here as well. My concept sketch for the main model in my Pilgrym warband.

An ancient oak having grown through a church organ and afterwards whithered along with the surroundings. Brought to life with tech and psychic energy the tree now serves as a vehicle for the driver - permanently fused into the bizarre "tree instrument".

BTW, here is the initial sketch, which showed up in the corner of a bigger drawing. You might just see the outline of the man - "the composer" - worked into the tree trunk.

 Fiction for the character can be found in the post on IRONSLEET.com.


  1. I love these kind of characters. Like the crew of The Flying Dutchman in pirates of the caribbean, and like The Emperor who is merged in a Machine.... Love it.

    Can not wait to see it.