22 April, 2015

Eldar Vyper

Decided to get this one finished quickly the other night.

I guess I had already done about 60% of the work, but I had got stuck with some undecided areas. Well, picking up work on the model I took some quick decisions, and then it was crunch-time painting away for about 2½ hours. Done. The goal was to have to levitate off centre on the base, and I think it works alright. I probably should go back and paint some of the gems in purple/magenta and add proper highlights, but for now it is about getting this small army to grow... Better photos would probably also be nice.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Looking forward to show more.

  2. Nice balancing act there!
    Hard to judge the paintjob from that pic, but I assume it´s up to your usual high standards...

    What do you think of the new jetbikes?

    1. Well, it's army standard. But I think it works nicely.
      New bikes are awsome, but I will not buy any before the current stuff is painted. A farseer on a bike could be very nice...

  3. Beautiful work Jakob.

    The rocks on the base looks particularly good - and with more tone and depth than on the previous Eldar bases.

  4. Thanks. Those bases will probably be the main feature of the army. :-)